Professional Horse Training


Principal objectives:

  • Maintaining your horses health
  • Riders safety
  • Building confidence

We offer:

  • Breaking in young horses
    (between 4-5 years old)
  • Correcting your horse
  • Riding problematic horses
  • Training horses for classical dressage
  • Training horses for show jumping


Breaking in horses

We believe in primarily forming a good solid base in training the young horse. Horses which have received the correct basic training from the beginning will develop and be capable of advancing at higher levels whilst maintaining their health.
The young horses are trained in the most diverse and moderate way as possible (on a scale of progressive education).
We give great importance to the horse physically and mentally and encourage the horse to relax when moving forward to ensure that the muscles to develop properly. We create a good basis for the horse to gain confidence in the rider. You break in the horse by being calm, having patience and without violence. We believe it is important that the rider should be able to handle the horse without any problems. Therefore we recommend that the prospective rider to participate, if possible, twice a week in training the horse.

Problematic horses

Due to a lack of knowledge, it is unfortunate that many errors occur when training horses. Some examples of this are, using inappropriate saddles and bits for the horse, causing back problems and mouth sores.
Each horse has its own needs, problems, strengths and weaknesses. We first of all analyse the horse, then together with you create an appropriate training plan. Not all horses learn at the same speed, the learning capacity does vary from horse to horse. We work with care, patience and without pressure and never using any violence. To enable the treatment to be effective we consider it very important to have the cooperation of the horse' s owner or rider.

Perfecting the horse

Are you interested that the horse learns to perform new exercises, for example take part in competitions? Perhaps your horse allows you to ride proficiently however you feel that you are not advancing in your riding and require help and advice with your training?
We are happy to advise you without any commitment.

Initial progress

Progress will be noticed in about three months. During the first two months the horse will be only ridden by the trainer. After two months riding classes with horse's owner can be introduced to ensure that the horse’s tasks and aids are applied in the correct way guaranteeing a good future..




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