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Show Jumping Lesson Show Jumping is jumping over various obstacles in a course, in a strictly defined order. In a show jumping course, there are five different types of jumps to overcome: verticals, spreads, combinations, walls and water jumps.

Your first jumping lessons

Before your first lesson you should have already mastered the basics of dressage riding well. This includes a correct seat, empathy and assertiveness.

As a first preliminary exercise for jumping the horse steps over a single bar lying on the floor. Once that goes well, may be tried the same thing at trot.
Jumping over a single bar at canter trains your sense of rhythm.

The rider nimmt den jumping (forward-) seat ein, and the horse must canter over the bar, the tact must be maintained. The next step after the single bar on the floor is a row of bars. The additional poles are placed added gradually. The following step is to jump over the first "real" obstacle, which is about 45 cm high.

Once mastered the above, you´ll be able to jump the first combinations. The further program of exercises includes oblique jump, jumping from different speeds, and overcoming all sorts of obstacles.

Larraguibel Morales with 'Huaso', 1949

The highest obstacle that has ever overcome a horse with a rider was 2.47 m high. World record holder is the Chilean Larraguibel Morales, who mastered this height with his horse Huaso on February 5th 1949 in Santiago de Chile

The widest jump did André Perreira in 1975. He jumped in Port Elizabeth (South Africa) with his horse Something over a 8,40 meter wide water jump.



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