What means "Share-A-Horse"?

It means that a third person has the right, together with the horse owner, to ride the horse regularly.

Share-A-HorseHorse riding in addition to riding lessons - without your own horse

Maybe you would like to ride more often, but you can not afford your own horse or you do not have time for daily care? Unlike a changing school horse you can find "your" horse to ride regularly, however, maintain, and build a close and trusting relationship with him. There are also advantages for the horse owner: He does not have to worry constantly about his horse, and will financially burden a little.

Important Conditions

The riderīs level of training must be conform to the horse. Even the riding style of the owner and the additional rider must be the same, because it is not good for the horse to have two completely different riders. Further agreements (those who rides how often and when, financial assistance etc.) take place directly between the owner and the person who want to share the horse. Children and juveniles under the age of 18 need a written parental consent.




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