Classical Dressage

Riding Lessons

Classical Dressage

This type of sport consists of a determined series of movements and excercises. Classical dressage is the basis of riding for all other horse riding activities for example; jumping.

Your first dressage lessons

In the beginning your first classes will be given where the horse will be attached to the lunge line. This way the rider will learn the correct riding position in the saddle without using the reins. The correct position in the saddle is fundamental when learning the art of riding.

First Horse Riding Lesson


This method of training ensures you gain confidence with your horse and you learn to maintain the correct balance whilst riding.

Once mastering the horses pace at walk you will learn to trot. Trot has a dynamic pace consisting of a two beat rhythm. First of all you will learn rising trot this means that you will intercept on the second beat of the trot by rising in the saddle. At first this will seem tiring but with time and training you will prefer rising trot as opposed to sitting trot, as this alleviates not only your back but you horses back aswell.


Next stages of private tuition

In order to communicate with your horse you will need to apply certain aids. The aids are the language of horsemanship. These are your legs, your hands through using your reins and your seat by changing your weight in the saddle. Applying pressure with your legs, you encourage your horse to move forwards, aswell as getting him to stop. As support you may use your reins. Using both reins indicates to the horse that you are asking him to slow down until he stops. By using only one rein you are indicating for him to turn to one side. Changing your weight in the saddle will re-assure the horse of the direction in which you want him to move.

Once you have gained confidence and mastered the above, by individual instruction or in group lessons you will continue to learn the following movements of cantering etc.



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